Junk modelling – Water bottle fish

Junk modelling – Water bottle fish

Water bottle fishwater bottle fish

What a great way of upcycling an old plastic bottle – great activity for kids of all ages and abilities.

We all have lots of these plastic bottles come in and out of our lives… Ours hang around for a bit, and then find themselves in our recycling box in the garden. We’ve used them in various junk modelling projects, from making skittles, to using them for Robot’s legs even!

And again, same with wrapping paper from the children’s birthdays, so often scrunched up with the speed and excitement of opening presents at parties (not like the grown-ups in our family, who open a present with extreme care, because we LOVE to use the paper again to wrap other presents!).

Keep those scrunched wrapping and tissue papers because There’s Just One Mommy to tell you how to use that paper to make these fabulous water bottle fish! Click here to read more and look at her lovely photos.

You could also easily turn this into a Finding Dory Craft?!


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