Finger Knitting Necklace

Finger Knitting Necklace

So you have FINALLY given Finger Knitting a go (a great FINGER KNITTING video here) and are now wondering what to make from all your fabulous finger knitting… A Finger Knitting Necklace


The kids are furiously creating more and more and more finger knitted “things” and you need to use it all up!

Well, here is a lovely and colourful finger knitting necklace craft for you – turn your finger knitting into these wonderfully simple, but great looking finger knitted necklaces. In fact, you can make SO many pretty things with these, a scarf for your teddy, a friendship bracelet – we’d love to see what you make!

Don’t they look super??! I love them. I think they would make lovely little gifts that kids can make too – maybe for Mother’s Day?!

Read all about them over at Hello Wonderful

And if you’d like to know how to make a finger knitting flower, click here


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