How to make a Birch bark vase

How to make a Birch bark vase

birch bark vaseJust love this Birch bark vase

Isn’t it lovely this time of year when you can go into the garden and pick flowers and leaves from the hedges to make your own little bouquet of flowers? Or failing that, a little bunch of daisies from the park… So what better way to display them – in something equally natural and organic as a birch bark vase!

We’re not big on shop bought flowers here, unless we know that they’ve not travelled far, and have been farmed in a fair and eco way… We do love to follow the journey of Georgie the Flower Farmer and her #BritishFlowers – check her out if you don’t know her – @TheFlowerFarmer on twitter… I’m sure she’d love the Twig and Toadstool’s natural looking birch bark vase, and her clear instructions to ONLY use bark you find dropped on the floor rather than from a live tree…

How lovely would this Birch bark vaseĀ be for a gift to bring if you were visiting friends for the weekend, or an end of term thank you for the teacher?

Follow the simple instructions here, and you too could delight and amaze your friends with this beautifulĀ Birch bark vase.


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