Origami Lucky Stars

Origami Lucky Stars

origami lucky stars craftThese origami stars have been on my to do list for aaaaaages. Really, if this little girl can manage them, then surely so can I! Make them. Hang them. Admire them. So pretty!

And I love that it is yet another simple introduction to paper crafts for kids. All you need is some paper, cut into strips and then you follow these simple instructions. Iknow what I will be doing this afternoon!

Read more about them on MOODKIDS. (click on the translate button) Or check out this site for English Instructions.

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  1. Carolyn at 4:37 am

    Those look like super fun. Simple, and no mess…just what I like. I plan on doing this as an activity on an upcoming plane ride with my 6-year old. Thank you Maggy!