Plastic bottle planters

Plastic bottle planters

Plastic bottle planters

At Fun Crafts Kids we love our gardens but we also love all things adorable, like these cool plastic bottle planters.

Plastic bottle planters

These plastic bottle holders from Muy Ingenioso are the perfect combination of adorable and practical. These plastic bottle planters are an excellent way to cute-n up your garden. They simply tick every box; easy, recycled and cute.

If you don’t have a garden, or it’s a bit too cold to go outdoors, hanging baskets are a lovely idea for bringing the outside in… and particularly lovely in a child’s room or classroom.

Our kids have plants that they call their ‘pets’ – it’s a great way of instilling the importance of looking after a living thing, their ‘pet’ being fed and watered to survive – and also – the physical health benefits of indoor plants have shown to improve breathing problems by the plants improving indoor air quality because they remove airborne pollutants; and they reduce blood pressure and headaches by 20-25 percent! {source: RHS}

And there are plants you can buy that actually don’t need a LOT of watering, if that’s what you are worried about, or you’re not particularly green-fingered – try succulents, or air plants – pretty too!

With plastic pollution top of mind – we think this is a really great craft to do with kids – as it’s a real talking point, once you are collecting and finding the bottles, during the re-purposing craft itself, and then when they are hanging around looking lovely – in their new role as a plastic bottle planter transformed!

For full instructions –

We also have some great Gifts that kids can make for any occasion. There is nothing lovelier than a homemade gift of a plant pot!

(PS once you get the kids into planting these plastic bottle planters .. they may LOVE these DIY Grass Heads!!!)

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  1. Dee at 10:41 pm

    these are too cute and I would love to make some tell me please what paint have you used?