Toddlers Mirror Activities

Toddlers Mirror Activities

Did you know that you can have a whole lot of CREATIVE fun with mirrors? Kids LOVE mirrors – from an early age on, they love to simply look, touch and learn. From babies with their mums and dads, through to toddler mirror play activities and lots of fabulous mirror art activities. Today we share some of our favourite Mirror Ideas from around the web. Keep it safe by getting yourself an Mirror Acrylic Sheet and you are pretty much set to go.

First up, Happy Hooligans has a set of 5 easy to set up Toddler Mirror Play – from tracing shapes and letters to painting on mirrors.

Next we have another set of wonderful Mirror exploration activities from Play At Home Mom LLC. I love the idea of introducing light and light blocks to your mirror play!

Buggy and Buddy, turns your easy mirror plat into a fabulous Science Exploration. All you need is your mirror, paper and a pen! Wonderful.

I also love this wonderful article of turning your mirror play into a Reggio Activity by an Every Day Story. Oh how my kids would have loved this mirror activity when they were little. They could spend HOURS sorting and playing and re-arranging buttons when they were small. In fact, we love buttons so much, I reckon we could have a go at this now. Just be careful with buttons and don’t leave young children or children with a tendency to put things into their mouth unattended.

And finally.. a nice ARTY one from Fun At Home With Kids – painting the mirror. Oh man how the kids will love this one. The smooth surface, the colours and the being able to see yourself too will simply delight the kids.

So. What do you think? Will you give some of these Mirror Play Ideas a go? They really are fun and oh so simple to set up and execute. I hope you found some inspiration today.. to try out something new!!!


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