10+ Fun and Quirky Crafts for Stones

10+ Fun and Quirky Crafts for Stones

My kids LOVE picking up stones.. and we have tons of stones all over the place. Every so often we get around to doing a Stone Craft  but am always on the look out for more rock craft ideas. I especially LOVE those rock crafts, that double up nicely as gifts.. that way, we get to collect stones, craft with stones and them, uhm, get rid of stones!! (snigger). Yes, a stone is great, but we can only keep so many things. Anyway, here is a great selection of stone crafts for you to check out – yes, some to keep, but many that would make great gifts too – I have a couple eyed up as teacher appreciation gifts and some for the kids friends… so onwards to our Rock Crafts.


Without further a do, come and check out these wonderful stone crafts today!!

rock craft ideas - yarn wrapped rocks

Simply gorgeous Yarn Rocks – irresistibly tactile and “weighty”. Read more about them here.

Stone-Craft - painted rock village

Gorgeous Stone Village – wonderful as decorations of pretend play!

stone faces

Let your creative juices flow and see what sort of Stone Faces you can come up with.


Simply adore this Stone Road and Cars Play Set how wonderfully tactile and pretty to boot. We would love playing with these all afternoon.

no candy valentines ideas - you rock

Awww, who owuld love this “You Rock Valentines” a super cute and easy gift to make and keep

We also have some cute little friendship glitter heart rocks for you here.


Possibly my favourite Garden Plant Markers these are just soooo fun and jolly! BRILLIANT.

stone craft ideas

Love the clever trick used to make these Colour Dominoe – even the preschoolers could join in!

tic tac toe rock noughts and crosses

Who doesn’t love a game of DIY Stone Tic Tac Toe? Quick to make, fun to play with!

or check out this super cute Bees & Ladybird Tic Tac Toe

stone ladybirds

These Giant Ladybird Stones are simply the cutest. Great for decorating the garden or as a door stop!


These are so so sooooo fun to make. My kids adore the “magic” of Melted Crayon Rock Paper Weights and they make a great gift too!


These little Stone Pocket Buddies (complete with house) are great for “back to school”, pop them in your pockets and bring along a friend from home to make you feel better.


Use the “applique” technique from these Frozen Story Stones to make ANY type of story stone. So simple to do and will provide hours of story telling and creative play!

Hope you have found some Stone Craft inspiration today! We have lots more stone craft ideas for you here and stone crafts!

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